Link 72: Bobby Finger, you magnificent bastard

I really dig Bobby Finger’s writing on Jezebel. I’m actually super disappointed that Midweek Madness has been discontinued in favour of a podcast, because MM was a Wednesday highlight for me. But thank heavens Bobby’s here to recap the most important part of Tom Hiddleston’s new GQ profile, and let us know was up with that “I [heart] T.S.” tank top.

Link 71: on Tinder and Anne of Cleves

Okay, so. I don’t quite agree with Ritter’s take on Tinder: “A swipe-right, double-tap world turns men into Henrys: ruthless, relentless connoisseurs of female beauty. It threatens to turn women like me into Anne of Cleveses: helpless, hopeless deception artists.”

However, her piece analyzing Tinder dating through the perspective of Henry VIII and his wives is actually kind of genius. The sort of thing you can appreciate reading even if it doesn’t match up with your lived experience/ opinions.