Link 125: The problem isn’t that your house is open concept, Brenda

I absolutely HOWLED with laughter when I read the first few paragraphs of this article about people who wish for walls in their open concept homes. The people who have concerns about clutter and storage space are reasonable… but poor, poor Brenda. Don’t sell your house, Brenda–sell your useless husband!

Apartment Love

I’m moving soon! And while there will be plenty to say about that in the future (hint), I wanted to take a moment to memorialize the current place before I dive into packing/ decluttering/ Craigslisting this week.

I was unbelievably lucky with this apartment. I signed a one-year lease without even seeing the place in person, and it turned out even better than I could have hoped–spacious, bright, lots of closet space. And, of course, the hardwood floors and avocado green walls turned out to be a great backdrop for my “grad school chic” aesthetic. (By which I mean–I managed to make Craigslist furniture look pretty good in here.)

This apartment has been a good place to live. Heart emoji goes here —> .

Finished Object: Mitts to go with a hat

I finished the hat in the autumn sometime, and the mitts a few days ago. All just improv pieces–no pattern. The yarn is SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock in Lady Grey. The colour is fabulous–a nice soft pale pale pale purple, with enough variegation to keep things interesting without being too much.

Links 122 & 123: On Marie Kondo and Emotional Labour

Please enjoy/ wince at these two good reads on the ways that Netflix’s ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ is both highlighting and obfuscating the emotional labour done by women in the home. I’m sure someone on Twitter has made the ‘declutter your husband’ joke that’s needed here.

The Emotional Labor on ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ Does Not Spark Joy [Romper]

‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ is Inadvertently About Women’s Invisible Labor [Vice]

Link 120: The Bezos Divorce

I have been following news of the Bezos divorce with great interest–the life of a woman involved with a start-up guy has a certain relevance to my current dating life–and think that this take by Louise Matsakis is a good one.

What MacKenzie Bezos needs to do now is take her half of the money, and start doing all the philanthropic work the Bezos’ should have been doing all along. Wouldn’t the greatest revenge on her cheating ex be to just… give it all away?

MacKenzie Bezos and the Myth of the Lone Genius Founder [Wired]

Link 118: This is very right but also very wrong

An ex of mine used to say that “Denzel Washington is the best actor of his generation” in a particularly reverent way, and I did not disagree. I approve of The Ringer shouting out his best roles–but am sorely disappointed that Denzel’s turn as the Prince in Much Ado About Nothing does not appear on the list. Because damn–he is so good in that role and I love that movie and I would not turn him down like Beatrice did.