The Best Thing I Drank Over the Holidays

The family holiday had it all: gin, white wine, red wine, tequila, sparkling wine, Bailey’s…

My favourite of the bunch was the Floridita–super strong, but tasty and not overly sweet. My mom only had dark rum in the cupboard, and it worked just fine. Although if you are using dark rum, you may want to reduce the amount just a tad, as it is definitely a stronger flavour than white rum. Also, serving these on the rocks helps with the strong-ness, lol.

I will be making these again.

The Best Thing I Ate Over the Holidays

My family definitely does holiday food well. My brother C and sister-in-law E served up some excellent seafood lasagna (complete with crab and prawns they caught themselves) and smoked some tasty armadillo eggs (I was so hungover after their New Year’s Eve party…). My other sister-in-law L and I whipped up some hazelnut rosemary shortbread, and a giant batch of Uncle Walker’s cheeseball. I made some very good pate, and some out-of-this-world mashed potatoes. All tasty, all deserving of praise.



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Ain’t nothing like Dorilocos.

Admittedly my version was very much Canadian-chick-who’s-never-been-to-Mexico-makes-Dorilocos, but they were just ridiculously good.

I was able to go to Los Guerrerros Mexican Food Products on Kingsway for chamoy and Valentina sauce (and I suspect if I had had more time to look, I would have found even more goodies). And I did enquire about cueritos–pickled pork skin–but apparently it’s not legal to sell in Canada! There was no jicama available up in Campbell River, and I forgot about the peanuts, and opted for sour gummy worms rather than gummy bears, but still the Dorilocos were just fucking tasty. Salty, crunchy, spicy, sweet… Perfect perfect snack food.

I will be making these again!

One Great–But Very Bad–Drink Suggestion, and One Legitimately Great Drink Suggestion

I love that The Pool recommends a French 75 as a brunch drink. Personally, I love a French 75–but drinking one always makes me feel like I’ve been punched in the face. So good luck to you, lady, if you dare try this.

I’m wildly late making a holiday drink suggestion, but I fucking love this Smoky Sage Punch from Serious Eats. I might possibly know from experience that you can consume several of these before you start to feel a little punched, as it were.

‘Tis the Season for Recipes

Here are two things I’d like to try making:

  1. Mushroom Toad in the Hole with Onion Gravy;
  2. This simple-but-divine lasagna (actually I want the whole cookbook, even though I think cookbooks are sort of over).

Here are two recipes I’ve made before, and can vouch for:

  1. These Chantilly Potatoes with Parmesan Crust are just fucking bonkers good. Mashed potatoes turned up to 11. Zero regrets; planning to make these again this year.
  2. My sister-in-law E and I made these Eggnog Cups last year. The end results delicious, and it’s a great recipe to work on as a duo.