Retail Therapy

My therapist gave me permission to shop (yes, she’s the best), so I have been doing my best to stem the tide of shattering grief by buying things. I suppose it’s working, considering I’m not crying my face off right now?

Here’s what I bought:


Two black tees. I’m taking a little vacation from that denim-shirts-as-performance-art thing I’ve been doing for a while now, and have decided that my summer look is going to be a tight t-shirt tucked into a denim skirt. I wasn’t planning on all black tees–one is linen, the other is a cotton/ modal blend–but so far haven’t seen a v-neck in the right grey. V-necks don’t seem to be in at the moment?

Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock yarn in Lady Grey. I’m normally not a fan of superwash yarns due to the texture, but this stuff is lovely–really nice feel, soft halo, gorgeous colour. I’m also not normally a sock knitter, so this will end up as a scarf. I’m even hand-winding the ball, just to maximize the textural pleasures.

Papa Recipe Bombee Ginseng Red Honey Oil sheet mask. No idea if I’ll like this mask or not, but I’ve heard good things about Papa Recipe, so my hopes are high(ish).

Missha Shower Towel. This promises “Best Quality & High Life” on the package, and you know I love the high life. I use an epilator, which requires an on-point exfoliation game. I’m hoping this scratchy thing–it has the texture of a pot-scrubber–will do the trick.

Atelier Cologne in Figuier Ardent. This perfume blends fig leaf from Provence, bergamot from Calabria, and tonka bean from Brazil. Fuck knows what a goddamn tonka bean is (this? [actually this is kind of interesting]) but this perfume is a favourite of mine–green and fresh, yet sultry at the same time. It is gorgeous and interesting. (I do not know how to talk about smells.) This is actually a re-purchase; my first 7.5mL travel spray lasted about a year and a half (I rotate between 4 or 5 different scents). I do think the full size is worth it, but in the context of this weekend’s shopping-for-happiness thing, I decided that 100mL would not make me happer than 7.5 mL, so here we are.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner in Black. Using that handy Wayne Goss technique, I’ve been using a black eyeshadow to line my eyes, and generally managing to not make a total hash of it. But the shadow does not stay put–especially if I’ve been dancing and getting sweaty–so I’m hoping to use the Goss technique with this Tarte liner for smudge-free fun times. The Tarte liner was recommended by Tamara at the Robson Sephora, and she seemed like a trusty little gal. Also I love the gold lid–so shiny!

Link 76: Cocktail Room!!!

Oh my gosh.

This house tour is danged cute–I could definitely live there (minus the kids rooms, lol). And how great is the ‘cocktail room’ moniker? Usually when I dream of owning my own place, I think about how nice it would be to have an art/craft studio. But a whole room devoted to drinking? That’s is a GOAL.

Let’s Move Into These Two Houses

Run-down properties in strange corners of BC are my jam.

My latest love is this twofer deal in Powell River.

There are two houses on the property: the main house is 3 beds and 1 bath, and the other one is a little 1 bed.

The kitchen in the main house is a little vintage dream. Obviously that eye-searing yellow tile would have to go, but I’d bet all those cabinets just need a fresh coat of paint…! I’d also look into getting an under-counter refrigerator, which would create a little more counter space near the stove (there would be space for a second refrigerator in the unfinished basement if additional food storage were required; but really single people don’t need big fridges!). And I’ve recently discovered that tiny dishwashers are a thing, so I’m sure it would be possible to retrofit something.

I’d also want to create a proper dining room, to eliminate the need for seating in the kitchen itself. If you knocked down the wall between the living room and the front bedroom, you could have a nice spacious grand room in the front of the house, with the kitchen right behind. You could even open up the stove/fridge wall, and create something really open concept, with a little bit of bar seating on the other side.

The kitchen space in the second house is a mess… Obviously someone got half-way through their reno, and then either ran out of money or energy or both.

So, the perfect plan for this place would be: move into the main house, and finish the work on the small house. Nothing fancy: just make it comfortable and livable, with the aim of eventually renting it out (or running an artist residency…?). Then, once the small house is ready, move in there for a few weeks while getting work done on the main house. Then, move back into your nicely renoed main house, and pay it all off by renting out the little house!

There’s also this sweet little garage–maybe someday to be an art studio…?

I’m in love. Fuck knows what I’d do for a living in Powell River, but this is a dream property as far as I’m concerned!

But Seriously? Let’s Move Into One of These Houses!!!

Ever since admiring Spencer’s cute home the other day, I’ve had bungalows on the brain. As in… I fell down a real estate rabbit hole, and when I hit bottom, I did a little more digging just to make sure I had really, really looked at every remotely suitable property available in BC.

Drooling over million dollar homes I could never afford wasn’t the game here: I set myself a somewhat realistic budget max of $300,000 (CAD). In Vancouver, $300K gets you a studio condo, or maybe a 1 bedroom if you don’t mind living on East Hastings. There isn’t much potential for dreaming in those scenarios; I much prefer my current apartment to anything that’s for sale in the city. But outside of Vancouver… oh my! The world is my oyster, just waiting for a fresh coat of paint.

942 Glover Road in Trail


This pink palace in Trail is selling for a whole $69,000! There are two one-bedroom suites, and one three-bedroom suite in the building. God knows what the interior is like–there are no photos online–but for $69K, the mortgage would be tiny, and there’d be money left over for renovations. I could live in one of the suites, and rent out the other two. The mortgage would be paid off in no time, and then I could move up the mountain to Rossland (or over to Nelson) and keep my income property in Trail.

There’s actually a ton of ridiculously cheap real estate in Trail. It’s a pretty industrial little place, and compared to most towns in the BC interior, it’s not great. But as a place to start out, and acquire an income property, it could totally work.

1469 Fourth Avenue, Trail


The award for cutest roofline goes to this little charmer. Unfortunately the interior has been renovated in a rather soulless way, but damn–that roofline! This hovel has two bedrooms and one bathroom, all for $129,000.

1722 Leroi Avenue, Rossland


If I did move up the mountain to Rossland after starting my real estate empire in Trail, I could get big ol’ five bedroom, two bathroom house for $294,000. I could rent out the extra bedrooms to ski bums in the winter, and enjoy a taste of that ski season lifestyle. That big deck would be perfect for a snofa!

1881 Second Ave, Rossland


This $220,800 option is utterly devoid of curb appeal. However, the interior has some charm just waiting to be revealed, and I love all these windows. There are three bedrooms upstairs–lots of space for my bedroom, an art studio, and a guest bedroom–with a rental suite in the basement for income.

301 7th Ave, New Denver


Looking outside of the Rossland/ Trail area… I keep having to look up where New Denver is, but I’m sure it’s lovely. And if beautifully preserved historic charm is your thing, this two bedroom, two bath gem could be yours for $228,000. The kitchen and bathrooms could use a little work to get them back into a style better representative of the 1898 glory of the rest of the place, but it would be such a worthwhile project! Really this place is just too fab, and based on the description, some of the crummy un-fun renovation work (like better insulation) has already been done.

1971 Harbour Drive, Ucluelet


And out on the west of the west coast… I suspect in the long run, I do want to be in the interior (for the skiing) rather than out on the coast, and in a house rather than in a condo, but I do have to shout-out this fabulous balcony bathtub in Ucluelet.

436 W 8th Ave, Prince Rupert


Prince Rupert is another great coastal community, and would be much closer to good winter fun than Ucluelet. Besides this fantastic bathroom, this house is cute as a button on the exterior, and has an adorable vintage kitchen that look reasonably functional. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms for $199,000–well under my $300k maximum!

And there are sooooo many more options. I am going to do this again–such fun!

My Birthday’s Coming Up, FYI

If you just happened to be wondering what to get me…

These boots are calling to me. They’re gorgeous but a little weird? Size 8 should do it.

This face cream sounds amazing. For a (softball) look at the science behind it, read this.

Or really anything from the Erica Weiner Collection, please. Maybe a cool swag earring, or a giant gold hairpin, or something with Herkimer diamonds? Really anything in gold would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.