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I would not have thought that Harry Styles’ real estate doings would interest me at all, but this look at his latest LA home is quite entertaining. I’m sort of into the putting green?

Harry Styles Pays $7 Million for a New Los Angeles House in an Ultra-Top-Secret Deal (Yolanda’s Little Black Book, via this also surprisingly entertaining One Direction’s Week in Review on The Hairpin)

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While Kelly’s general “don’t talk to women” advice is fantastic, I would be delighted if a man told me (in a non-work-related environment) that my hair looked like “night time ocean.” I sincerely hope that Kelly consents to answer more questions from Jesse. (I have been reading his work, and I am charmed, I tell you. Charmed.)

Should Men Compliment Female Friends and Coworkers on Their Hair? (The Hairpin)

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Despite being the perfect age for it, I was never into the Baz Luhrmann Romeo and Juliet–I could never get past the ridiculousness of the plot. Plus (let’s be honest here) I was rather too pretentious to appreciate the “pop-culturizing” of Shakespeare. But I was surrounded by plenty of Leo-love at my all girls high school, and this check-in with those old sexy feelings is spot on.

Is Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet the Most Erotic Film of All Time, or was I Just a Dememnted 14-year-old? (MTV)