What the Blazers?

Lately I’ve been thinking that my mostly denim wardrobe┬áis in need of a good blazer. It would add a touch of sharpness, and would add some variety to my very limited outerwear options. (The down parka that I lived in during the long Yukon winters doesn’t get much use down here in the Raincity!)

I had originally been thinking of something very tailored, with shrunken sort of look. But I couldn’t find just the right pattern in my size, and got distracted by the Victoria Blazer, and now I’m going to make something epically slouchy and oversized. I can hear Charles shrieking “Don Johnson it!” and Jake bitching that he didn’t even have time to lotion his forearms, and I am into it.

The Victoria Blazer pattern was released a few years ago, and if you search the internets, it sounds like everybody and their dog sewed up one of these back in 2013. I’m entirely unconcerned with being behind the trend–it means that there is a lot of information out there already about the strengths and weaknesses of the pattern.

First, the weaknesses. Lucinda of Sew Wrong and Lara of Thornberry do a good job of outlining these, and I think it’s worth giving them both a read before you decide to buy this pattern. I wasn’t deterred by these negative reviews, but I am planning to make some alterations to address the issues with the lining and the lapels that are mentioned.

For some helpful advice with improving my Victoria, I’ll be using the following links:

And, By Hand London has a long-completed sew-along that I will definitely be referencing.


I picked up my fabric at Dressew yesterday: a goldenrod yellow boucle for the outer shell, and a bird print viscose for the collar, lapels, cuffs, and lining. I have also written out a plan for the alterations I want to incorporate.