“Bad Liar” and “Feels”

Thanks to this from Kelly Conaboy, I have now listened to a Selena Gomez song, and I don’t hate it (?). I do like the video–it’s creepy in an adorable sort of way.

And–also in the ‘song of the summer’ category…

The  lyrics and the video to this Calvin Harris number absolutely enrage me–so sexist! so demeaning!–but fuck if it ain’t catchy.

“I Get Overwhelmed” — Dark Rooms

If last night’s Beth Ditto was too upbeat for you in these dark times, may I suggest an alternative? It’s almost hilariously overwrought, but if you feel the need to lie down on the carpet and stare at the ceiling, Dark Rooms’ “I Get Overwhelmed” is a good soundtrack choice for that.

And if you’re wondering where you heard it recently: it is the song used in the trailer for A Ghost Story. Which is a very cool-looking movie that I am not going to see because Casey Affleck is reprehensible.

“Fire” — Beth Ditto

I’m not sure how much I actually like this song–it’s snappy, but I expect won’t have much staying power in my playlist. However, you must watch the video at least once.

Beth Ditto whipping a corn dog out of a dude’s mouth is a sight to see.

Also can’t let a denim shirt sighting pass unremarked-upon. (And that line dancing is something, no?)