Finished Object: French Cancan

Here’s a pro tip for you: just, you know, finish the damn thing.


According to Ravelry, I cast on a French Cancan in March of 2015. And, as I remember, it was a pleasant and quick knitting experience. The Madelinetosh Pashmina yarn was a soft, bouncy, butter dream to work with. I got all the way to the end of the shawl: all I had left to do was weave in the ends and block it. But instead of wrapping up these inconsequential tasks, I shoved the shawl into a bag, which eventually got shoved into a closet, where it languished for more than a year.

Plenty of points to pin.

This shawl floated through my mind the other morning, emerging as a perfect thing to wear right now (matches the jacket I wear often; would be cozy for the chilly weather without being too bulky). So I spent five minutes weaving in the four (four!) dangling yarn ends, gave it a quick bath in the kitchen sink, and then spent about half an hour pinning out the 140ish points in the edging.

Honestly, the most difficult thing about the whole process was avoiding tripping over the shawl while it was drying on the living room floor.

I feel like such a dummy for not finishing this ages ago. It is the perfect amount of shawl–my version is really more scarf-sized, I suppose–for the chilly-ish weather Vancouver has been getting lately.

So, note to self for future projects: just finish the damn thing.

I wonder what other almost-done items are lurking in that closet…?

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