Holiday Nails

Last week I saw the Essie 2016 Winter Collection in this gift guide and was instantly OMG GIMME GIMME GIMME. I had to go to two different Shopperses (Kingsgate Mall: no; Main Street @ 17th: yes) but it was worth the extra few blocks’ walk.

They’re all great shades, but for the sake of my poor wallet and over-flowing bin of nail products, I limited myself to “Oh Behave.” In the bottle it looks like a cool-toned dusty Grandma pink shot through with a little bit of gold shimmer, but on my nails it looks much more orange and warm.

So while I do wish it were a bit more pink and a bit cooler, I’m nevertheless loving it. It’s very divorcee-on-a-tropical-island to me, and not at all Christmassy–so perfect nails for celebrating a very merry Atheistspinstermas! I’m going to keep this shade on for the next couple weeks.

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