Kat of Beauty News Shares Her Tattoo Story

I have really become a big fan of the Beauty News gals, and I’m super excited that Kat has posted a video about her fab sleeve tattoo. While it wasn’t posted before I went and got my first tattoo yesterday (!), I think it’s a great example of the ‘my first tattoo’ genre. Prior to my appointment yesterday, I watched a few similar videos, and read innumerable advice lists, and I think what Kat says is relevant and helpful.

And yes–I’ll definitely write up a few notes about my new tat… which is rather smaller than Kat’s…

Links 93 and 94: Two Very Hilarious Things

First, from a column in the Guardian about men’s hairstyles, this spectacular line: “Stunt, a name that confirms cockney rhyming slang is alive and well in this country.” Just… breathe than in for a moment. How glorious! Hats off to you, Hadley Freeman. That is a LINE!

Second, I definitely voted no this morning. Just doing my thing for American democracy, as best I can, what with being Canadian and all. How brutal and hilarious that he’s already fired. I hope his wife takes him to the cleaners (and maybe also rethinks her taste in men, next time around).

Sad News: Kenzo World Does Not Smell Like Shooting Laser Beams Out of Your Fingertips

Remember this fab/ bonkers perfume ad for Kenzo World?


Look at her go! Too bad the perfume itself is a total disappointment–after waiting ten damn months, I finally picked up a sample at Sephora the other day, and felt so let down. Kenzo World does NOT smell like the video suggests it smells. Admittedly, I’m not sure what face twitches, high kicks, and finger lasers should smell like, but generic super-sweet girl scent is NOT it. There is nothing interesting about the scent–it’s just a high, bright, strong, saccharine wallop with no complexity and no darkness to counterbalance the sweetness.

Here are some perfumes that smell better.

Masion Martin Margiela Replica Beach Walk. Performs as advertised for sure! Smells coconutty, warm, sunshiny. Lovely bottle. Irritates my skin a bit, so I tend to spritz it onto my camisole and hair, rather than my wrists.

Atelier Cologne Figuier Ardent. As mentioned recently, I love this stuff–I’m on my second travel-sized version. Green and sexy. Once wore this on a romantic liaison with an extremely attractive German man, and he stills texts to say he misses me. I blame the perfume.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Timbuktu. Smells like a sexy rich man’s bug spray, and I mean that as a good thing. I never wear this one on dates, but save it for occasions when I want to feel interesting and powerful. (In retrospect, maybe I should wear it on dates.) I’m running so low on this one… very tempted to repurchase, as this is such a unique scent, and I’m still in love after years of wear. It’s almost finger laser worthy.

Dior Dune. This is my usual date perfume. I think it’s supposed to be beachy, but to me, the dune it evokes is a dune in the desert near an oasis. It’s a hot and spicy dune, rather than an oceanic dune. I still love it, and would whole-heartedly recommend it if you want something feminine and sophisticated and strong. However, I am not thinking of repurchasing it. I have worn it on so many dates, it almost smells like a bad date to me now (oh, modern romance), and I think it’s time for a new vibe.

Finger lasers!