Review: Skinfood Jelly Peau in Peach

My recent skinsuit maintenance purchase included one of Skinfood’s Jelly Peau wash off masks. Since this is a new product and there isn’t much information out there, it seemed like a good candidate for a little review. No affiliate links or anything shady here–just me spending my own money on face goo.

Jelly Peau

Jelly Peau

Jelly Peau

I was mostly attracted to the name of this product–there is something about jelly peau that just amuses me. Peau is French for skin… so… jelly skin? I feel like jelly skin isn’t really something I want–I mean, jelly skin would be jiggly, no?–but it sounds funny!

The jelly peau masks–jelly peaux, if you will–come in four flavours: banana for nourishing, grape for moisturizing, peach for vitalizing, and strawberry for hydrating. Since every cell in my body is in need of a vitalizing, I decided to go with the peach.

Jelly Peau

The Peach Jelly Peau smells like peach schnapps–a very synthetic, candy-like scent, as opposed to a natural fruity scent. The texture is like jello that was made with a little too much water–mostly solid but if you scoop a bunch up on your finger and then fart around with your phone trying to take a photo, it will start to drip.

The little capsule contains enough jelly for two or three uses. Note, however, that this type of one-time use product doesn’t have the right kind of preservative system to survive being open for a long period of time. If you opt for multiple uses, cover the product tightly with cling wrap, and use within a day or so. I did two uses, about 24 hours apart.

How to use: cleanse face; open package; smear jelly on face; take a terrifying selfie you will never show anyone; wait ten minutes; rinse off; proceed with the rest of your routine.

The mask is easy to wear. Even with a relatively thick layer of the jelly on my face, it did not drip. Over the ten-minute wait time, the mask dried down to a shiny, slightly sticky film. It was relatively easy to wash off–no scrubbing required.

I decided to try out the jelly peau on a day when I had a headache. I had skipped doing any kind of a morning routine due to the brain-melting pain, so in the evening, my skin was in need of a little extra cleansing. I washed my face with Lee Ji Ham White-P Zyme Enzyme Powder Wash, and then applied the jelly peau mask.

After rinsing off the mask, my skin felt smooth and soft. However, it was slightly drying. I don’t think this is a problem for people with normal to oily skin–you just need to follow up with the hydrating/ moisturizing steps of your routine–but if you have dry skin, this mask probably won’t do you many favours.

I would say that the peach jelly peau mask is good for a day like my headache day. That is, it’s good for a day when you want a little extra cleansing that won’t be too harsh. Compared to other products I use, the effects of the peach jelly peau mask are similar to those of the Holika Holika Gudetama Lazy & Easy peeling gel.

I enjoyed using the jelly peau. At approximately $1.75 (CAD), it’s a nice little light weight item to add to your cart if you are ordering from a site like TesterKorea that does shipping charges by weight bracket. I don’t plan to repurchase this product, however. Considering the effects, I’d prefer to just use my Gudetama peeling gel, and then use my buck seventy-five for a nice sheet mask.

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