Skinsuit Maintenance: Trying Out The Ordinary

This quickie take down of Canadian skincare brand The Ordinary from Fanserviced-B made me chuckle. I’ve been making mental notes about The Ordinary since it was released last summer; mentions pop up fairly often on the Skincare Addiction and Asian Beauty sub-Reddits. Reviews seem mixed: some people love it, and some people don’t. So it seems like The Ordinary products are a crap shoot, which is basically all skin care is anyway. Faceonomics’ longer take on the epistemology, shall we say, of the brand is a good read, too.

I was in the mood for something new last month, so I pulled the trigger on my first order from The Ordinary in the spirit of experimentation. The line is pretty danged inexpensive (although the bottles are itty-bitty!), and I figured that even if things were duds, it would be $30 worth of fun and experimentation.

I ordered the Vitamin C Suspension 23% that Fanserviced-b hates so much she won’t even put it on her face (yikes!), the “Buffet” peptide serum, and the Advanced Retinoid.

So far I feel like I’m getting what I wanted out of my order in terms of a sense of novelty and fun. It was great to order something, have it ship the next day, and then arrive at my place just a few days later–much more fun than a three-month wait for things from South Korea, and zero wondering if my package has been lost. (Canada Post/ Canadian Border Patrol drama has definitely cooled me on ordering from overseas.) And I am digging the medicinal/minimalist look and feel of the packaging. It’s attractive!

The first product I introduced was the retinoid. I’m digging it. I’m on a three-day rotation at the moment: one ‘rest day’, then an AHA day, then a retinoid day. So far no over-exfoliation, and I always feel like I’m counting down towards something exciting while I wait for each retinoid day. Since the rest of my routine is quite stable, I am enjoying having something new, and wondering if it’s going to work. Retinoid is a long-game thing, so I have no idea if this retinoid is really doing anything for me. So far: it’s not breaking me out, and although some people may find the formulation a bit oily/ heavy-feeling, I kind of like the enjoy the sensation of having stuff just slathered on my face. I use about three drops for my whole face.

I have also used the Buffet a few times. I was travelling for about a week, and the 30 ml bottle fit nicely into my toiletry bag. I am not digging this one. The smell is awful! So even if it works, I just don’t really want it on my face. The retinoid has a slight wet sawdust smell to it which isn’t great, but not so bad I don’t want to use the product. Whereas the smell of the Buffet is bad enough to turn me off of the product entirely. I will use it up, but I will not repurchase.

I haven’t used the Vit C yet, as I’ve been waiting to see if the Retinoid melts my face off or something awful, but I am kind of dying to use it. Is it really as bad as Fanserviced-b claims? Can’t wait to find out!

(And–fresh off a bout of soul-searching on the subject of a lipstick purchase, I’ve also decided to get strict with myself on skincare purchases. No more new things or experiments for a while–only repurchasing staple products!)

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