Link 44: Truth!

No, bro, I do not lift.*

But I love reading about women who do lift, and the Ask a Swole Woman series on The Hairpin never fails to entertain and enlighten. I expect that this most recent instalment will go down as a classic of the genre. There is a whole lot of truth in those first two paragraphs of the first answer–and not just about lifting.


*Instead I enjoy the nerdiest fucking form of exercise imaginable: a Nordictrack cross-country ski trainer. I regret nothing.


Link 4

While Kelly’s general “don’t talk to women” advice is fantastic, I would be delighted if a man told me (in a non-work-related environment) that my hair looked like “night time ocean.” I sincerely hope that Kelly consents to answer more questions from Jesse. (I have been reading his work, and I am charmed, I tell you. Charmed.)

Should Men Compliment Female Friends and Coworkers on Their Hair? (The Hairpin)