Here is one piece of shabby chic furniture I don’t totally hate.

Of course these days I’m not just scouring the internet for good refinished chairs; I’ve also been looking at a lot of tables.

I’m in the process of turning this adorable-yet-cruddy-thing into a sweet little dining table. The table top was really stained, and if I hadn’t been able to sand it down to an acceptable level of patina, I would have had to paint the damn thing. And as with the chairs, I had a terrible time finding examples of refinished tables that I actually like.

But this little server with its pink top and dark-stained legs is actually pretty great. Personally I would have used (slightly smaller) brass knobs, and of course there’s too much distressing on the pink paint, but setting aside those caveats… If I’d needed to paint my table, this would have been my inspiration.

Fortunately, my table is cleaning up okay, and I’ll be able to just give it a few coats of varnish (which is what you’re supposed to do with good wood furniture because wood is so pretty).

And as a post-script on the chic but not at all shabby front… I am definitely in love with the fabulous high-shine purple dining table in this house tour. However, my dad is a physicist-turned-Christmas-tree-farmer and not the owner of an auto body shop, so a professionally painted table with a custom-mixed colour isn’t really something my pop can whip up.

Living Room Love

My living room was all dusted and tidied the other day–almost like a fancy grown-up person lives here!–so it seemed like a good chance to snap a few pics.

Most of the items are Craigslist/ thrift/ hand-me-downs/ homemade, which I find incredibly satisfying. This room has taken two years to reach this point; I started out with zero furniture and now I live somewhere fabulous! How did that happen?


The mushroom- and artichoke-head prints are by Nate Duval.
The white and teal canister is from Russell Hackney Ceramics.


Miniature suburb by Donna Akrey; camera sculpture by Veronica Verkley.



Gallery wall includes work by: Belinda Harrow; Rebekah Miller; Todd Stewart; Meshell Melvin; Craig Francis Power; Meg Walker; Aubyn O’Grady; Sarah Burwash; John Steins; Heidi Neilson; Kerri Reid; Angela Bonnici; JP King; and Adriana Kuiper & Ryan Suter.


The T-shaped metal fitting is an artifact by Colin Lyons.