So, If You Have a Few Spare Hours…?

Bjork and Matthew Barney used to be my favourite celebrity couple, just because the pairing seemed both perfect and perfectly bonkers.* So this Ask Polly about ICELAND!!! with plenty of Bjork and Barney references was like catnip to me.

So of course I headed over to YouTube to watch some Bjork videos… and then I had a wild thought: what if Barney’s Cremaster Cycle was on YouTube?

Reader, it is.

I’m a bit surprised at this, to be honest; I was under the impression that Barney was fairly controlling of the conditions in which the films could be shown. But nope: there it all is, in all its penis-obsessed glory, right there on YouTube, since 2013!

I don’t think I’m actually advocating watching the¬†Cremaster Cycle. I did–in two sittings–when it screened at the Pacific Cinematheque more than ten years ago, and while I have fond memories of the experience, those memories are more about who I was watching with, and why. I think the films have their interesting moments, but generally they are over-long; and at times, the films’ obsession with maleness and masculinity comes at the expense of women.

However, it delights me to no end that the films are on YouTube. (And Bjork was always too good for him anyways.)


*Now that they are broken up, Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg are at the top of my list, followed closely by FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson.

Link 9

Another Yeezy Season 4 link, because apparently I’m not done being annoyed by this.¬†It was shallow, abusive, and meaningless when Vanessa Beecroft was doing it in galleries; and it’s shallow, abusive, and meaningless when Kanye West does it as “fashion.”

The Models at Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 Show Deserved Better (The Cut) [I’d argue that all models–all women–deserve better, but West’s show was particularly egregious.]

Vanessa Beecroft Makes Me So Angry

And Kanye West makes me angry, too.

Kathryn Hepburn on Vanessa Beecroft: Scratching the Awful Surface (Curiosity, Confrontation, Confluence) [Not the best thing I’ve ever written, but my indignation still stands: Beecroft is exploitative and devoid of meaning.]

‘Multiracial’ is Code For ‘Not Too Black,’ and Don’t Let Kanye Fool You (The Cut)

The Long Journey into the Hellscape that was Yeezy Season 4 (The Cut)

Yeezy Season 4 Disaster Overshadows Kanye West’s Live Show Triumphs (Jezebel) [I find the suggestion at the end of this piece that the models’ suffering and the show’s location at the Roosevelt Island plague hospital are somehow linked and meaningful to be spurious. Beecroft has a long history of forcing models to stand around and suffer in less monumental spaces, and West abusing models in the name of “fashion” and “fame” offers no respect to the people who suffered and died of the bubonic plague.]