Let’s Move Into These Two Houses

Run-down properties in strange corners of BC are my jam.

My latest love is this twofer deal in Powell River.

There are two houses on the property: the main house is 3 beds and 1 bath, and the other one is a little 1 bed.

The kitchen in the main house is a little vintage dream. Obviously that eye-searing yellow tile would have to go, but I’d bet all those cabinets just need a fresh coat of paint…! I’d also look into getting an under-counter refrigerator, which would create a little more counter space near the stove (there would be space for a second refrigerator in the unfinished basement if additional food storage were required; but really single people don’t need big fridges!). And I’ve recently discovered that tiny dishwashers are a thing, so I’m sureĀ it would be possible to retrofit something.

I’d also want to create a proper dining room, to eliminate the need for seating in the kitchen itself. If you knocked down the wall between the living room and the front bedroom, you could have a nice spacious grand room in the front of the house, with the kitchen right behind. You could even open up the stove/fridge wall, and create something really open concept, with a little bit of bar seating on the other side.

The kitchen space in the second house is a mess… Obviously someone got half-way through their reno, and then either ran out of money or energy or both.

So, the perfect plan for this place would be: move into the main house, and finish the work on the small house. Nothing fancy: just make it comfortable and livable, with the aim of eventually renting it out (or running an artist residency…?). Then, once the small house is ready, move in there for a few weeks while getting work done on the main house. Then, move back into your nicely renoed main house, and pay it all off by renting out the little house!

There’s also this sweet little garage–maybe someday to be an art studio…?

I’m in love. Fuck knows what I’d do for a living in Powell River, but this is a dream property as far as I’m concerned!

My Birthday’s Coming Up, FYI

If you just happened to be wondering what to get me…

These boots are calling to me. They’re gorgeous but a little weird? Size 8 should do it.

This face cream sounds amazing. For a (softball) look at the science behind it, read this.

Or really anything from the Erica Weiner Collection, please. Maybe a cool swag earring, or a giant gold hairpin, or something with Herkimer diamonds? Really anything in gold would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.