Link 55: Errol Morris, again

I am deeply reluctant to link to anything involving the USA’s racist, sexist, hypocritical, and unqualified president-elect, but my appreciation for Errol Morris is such that I have to link to this short interview on Trump’s love (for all the wrong reasons)¬†of Citizen Kane. It is gold.

Link 26: Errol Morris

This 1989 profile of Errol Morris popped up on Longform this week, and it is a delight. I think I chuckled at every single direct quote from Morris; he really comes across as a charming kook who just stumbled into exonerating an innocent man (and who really knew how to run with the information he had).

The Thin Blue Line is on Netflix, and, even knowing the story and how it all turns out, the film remains utterly compelling.

Standard Operating Procedure, Morris’ 2008 work on Abu Ghraib, is also on Netflix, but I just don’t have the emotional wherewithal to watch it. Someday, though.