Oh, Craig.

This is the week of Craiglist deep dives, apparently. It’s so soothing, looking at people’s weird junk. Much better than contemplating the political situation to the south. (And yes–I’m updating a couple of things in the apartment; pics to follow once all the pieces have fallen into place!)

This listing for the most perfect gorgeous mirror almost killed me. Free?!?!? Of course it was gone before I could hit send on my “OMG YES PLEASE” email.

But lucky for all you fine art fans, this listing for two amazing boudoir paintings is still active. The seller is “fielding all reasonable offers” so have at ‘er.

Human not included? I think I’ll pass, then.

Link 23: On Gudetama

I adore Gudetama–it is just so bleakly, so wrongly, hilarious.

So of course I have a couple of items from the Holika Holika + Gudetama collaboration: the peeling gel, and the melting lip button.


I think the Gudetama lippie is a great companion for my angry-faced Tonymoly gloss bar. I like to imagine them sitting together in my bathroom, whispering Nietzsche quotes at each other (while my Jack Black lipgloss hits on all my Revlon balm stains).

Which means: I was very happy to read this is fun little interview with the head Gudetama designer about the character’s genesis and meaning.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go stare into the abyss