Link 85: On 1D Drag

I really (really!) don’t listen to One Direction, and don’t listen to any of the boys’ solo efforts, either. (I made it about a minute into “Sign of the Times” before turning it off.) However… there is something very entertaining–very compelling–about 1D fans, and their relationship with the band.

This piece from Racked about fans dressing like the band is a super interesting read. A “respect for the femme” is perhaps what I find so enjoyable about following the boys’ celebrity, even if I have no use for their music.

Link 21: (Another) Harry

I really can’t explain the appeal, but these One Direction’s Week In Review round-ups are just doing it for me.

The latest one includes this tantalizing line: “Harry Styles’s whereabouts are unknown. He was last seen Sunday Sept. 4 at a party in LA.”

Just think about it.

Harry Styles’s whereabouts are unknown.

Harry Styles’s whereabouts are unknown

My theories:

  1. He’s in hiding until his hair grows back.
  2. He’s being held captive by a rabid 1D fan, Misery-style.

Link 7

I would not have thought that Harry Styles’ real estate doings would interest me at all, but this look at his latest LA home is quite entertaining. I’m sort of into the putting green?

Harry Styles Pays $7 Million for a New Los Angeles House in an Ultra-Top-Secret Deal (Yolanda’s Little Black Book, via this also surprisingly entertaining One Direction’s Week in Review on The Hairpin)