Link 71: on Tinder and Anne of Cleves

Okay, so. I don’t quite agree with Ritter’s┬átake on Tinder: “A swipe-right, double-tap world turns men into Henrys: ruthless, relentless connoisseurs of female beauty. It threatens to turn women like me into Anne of Cleveses: helpless, hopeless deception artists.”

However, her┬ápiece analyzing Tinder dating through the perspective of Henry VIII and his wives is actually kind of genius. The sort of thing you can appreciate reading even if it doesn’t match up with your lived experience/ opinions.

Link 44: Truth!

No, bro, I do not lift.*

But I love reading about women who do lift, and the Ask a Swole Woman series on The Hairpin never fails to entertain and enlighten. I expect that this most recent instalment will go down as a classic of the genre. There is a whole lot of truth in those first two paragraphs of the first answer–and not just about lifting.


*Instead I enjoy the nerdiest fucking form of exercise imaginable: a Nordictrack cross-country ski trainer. I regret nothing.