The Annual Balcony Refresh

These before and after pics are a little bit boring, because all I did was clean… but damn, scrubbing down my balcony once a year is just immensely satisfying.

Every winter, the balcony gets super grimy and even grows a bit of algae. It’s gross.

So each spring I wipe down the railings, scrub the floor, and wash the windows inside and out.

And afterwards, it looks SO MUCH BETTER, and I can step outside in bare feet without contracting tuberculosis of the foot.

Of course, scrubbing doesn’t help the globs of orange paint left behind by a previous tenant (I think the kitchen used to be that colour, if you can imagine!), but–so clean. So clean!

Of course if I were a legit blogger, I’d swap out the furniture I don’t like–the round wire chairs were inherited from the previous tenant, and they are NOT comfortable–and fill the place with way more plants, and maybe add an outdoor rug… But for a zero-dollar-enjoy-what-you-got-ain’t-nobody-sponsoring-this style refresh, I am happy (and sitting outside as I type this).

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